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Therapy for Anxiety

“Do You Feel CONSTANTLY Stressed, Panicky, Irritated?”

Do any of the following resonate with you?


  • You sometimes wake up feeling like you’re dying.

  • Your heart is racing all of the time and it feels impossible to slow it down.

  • You are terrified of everything, always anticipating the worst, whether it’s death, illness, a car accident, or getting a dreaded phone call.

  • You just can’t sit still and focus on one task, and even when you’re sitting down, your leg is shaking, you’re fidgeting, or your mind is thinking about a thousand other things.

  • You’re SO TIRED but you can’t sleep because your mind won’t shut off, replaying every past mistake, every word you spoke in a conversation, or how you’re never going to accomplish everything.

  • You make list after list of things to do but seem to keep adding to the list instead of crossing things off, feeling like a failure.

If any of these show up in your life, I want you to know that even though you might feel like a failure for needing help, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes courage to put words to your experience.


It’s not selfish to prioritize caring for yourself. I know what it’s like for the cloud of anxiety to hover over everything in your life and to feel hopeless under its shadow.

Get your free phone or video consultation where you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help. You are worth the work.

Balancing Rocks
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